Tutorial – how to create collages

In this part of the Help section we will go through some basic steps in the process of creating a collage, which later on you will be able to store for yourself or to share with your friends, or everyone on the site. Lets open the home page of in a new window and get started.

  1. On the home page of click on Scenarios at the main menu and choose one of the an image of your preference on the next page. You can also use the drop-down menu All categories
  2. After you have chosen a scenario press the button Start your collage by uploading your face here!
  3. Choose on of the four upload methods and select the image you would like to use for the collage:
  4. Depending on your Internet connection the image will load within 5 to 20 seconds. The uploaded image will appear in the face hole for the scenario.
    Note: In order to change the size of the uploaded image, so that it fits the face hole, drag the rectangles that are on the edges of the blue box, surrounding the uploaded image
    or use the buttons Zoom in и Zoom out
  5. In order to freely move the image around the workspace you can drag it by holding the left mouse button while the pointer is over it.
    For precise adjustments use the Move tool:
  6. Having the uploaded face fit its new scenario requires some Color correction as well:
  7. When you click on the tool, a panel will open. Take notice that you can move it around the work space freely by using the mouse, just in case it covers important detail of the image.
  8. Usually the differences between most photos come from the settings Contrast Brightness Brightness. Use the first two sliders in the panel in order to change those settings; observe how they take effect over the uploaded image.

    If the scenario is a pale or black and white image degrease the Saturation setting so that the colors fit better.
  9. In case something does not go as planned while you are making your collages, you can always go a few actions backwards by using the tool History back
  10. If you are not sure whether the uploaded face fits its hole naturally simply select the Visible hole tool so that you can switch back and forth to the original face of the scenario.
  11. For collages with two or more faces select the next available hole from the menu Choose hole
  12. In order to switch back and forth through the face of the scenario and the one you are uploading simply use the Visible hole tool again.
  13. Upload the image for the new hole through the button labeled Upload.
  14. Once the new image is uploaded simply adjust it to fit the scenario as described in the previous steps.
  15. After you are done editing the entire collage press the last button in the tool bar, with the icon of a diskette, so that you can save your work.
  16. On the next page you will be presented with the end result of your collage and a list of fields to the right for Name, Tags and Tags.
  17. Click on the button labeled Save changes and you will receive a unique web address which will be used for previewing your work. You can copy this address to preview your collage in the future or show it to your friends.

Read also: All tools for creating collages or how to create collage scenarios.

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